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Bearded Dragon Breeders   |   Blue Tongue Skink Breeders
Bearded Dragon Breeders
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    Lady was sold to me as a plain yellow female, but as you can see, she's far from plain. If it wasn't for the dark nails I'd say she was a pastel.
   Deisel is a excellent male hypo pastel male with clear nails.
     Cabal is a DKReptile stock red male. He has excellent bloodlines, and WILL have excellent babies for me.
     Elvira is a red cross female. Bred with Cabal, she will make beautiful red babies with nice designs.
     Raziel is a red lemon pastel male. He's MUCH more beautiful than the picture shows. He's covered in red and yellow.
    Trinity is one of my German Orange X Red Flame holdback females. Look at that RED!!!
     AL is my personal favorite of my holdback females. I LOVE this girl! She's beautiful all the time! Excellent personality!
     Petunia  is a big girl from the same clutch as the above 2 dragons. She started out much duller in color than the other 2 holdbacks, but just look at her now!
     Cleo is a hypo orange X pastel female dragon.