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About Me
  I am a small scale hobbiest / breeder of bearded dragons. I am keeping this a small scale operation in order to keep my bearded dragons as a beloved pet, not an uncaring business. I keep a few other reptiles including Uromastyx maliensis, Northern Blue Tongue Skinks, Iguana, Painted Turtle, Red Ear Slider, Leopard Gecko, African Sideneck Turtle, Blue Spot Timor Monitor, Yellow Spot Timor Monitor, Anole, and Common Snapping Turtle. Occasionally I might advertise offspring from some of  these for sale on the site as well.
   I also do rescues, so if you or someone you know has a reptile or amphibian that they can't care for, for any reason, please e-mail me with what you have. We will work out something and possibly pay the shipping in order to find a new home for them. I will try to adopt out locally to make sure they go to a good home. Some rescues might occasionally be put on the site for sale. They will be highly discounted at no profit to me.
   All animals are guaranteed live arrival, as long as there is someone at home at the time of delivery. If you are not going to be at home, please have me ship to your work, or on another day, when you'll be at home.
   I also guarantee the health of all animals, as long as you contact me as soon as you notice a problem. All animals should eat within 24 hours of arriving at your home. Most will eat and drink right out of the box.
   All animals are guaranteed healthy and eating well.
   In the case of a DOA, I will refund any money paid minus shipping. Or if possible, replace the animal with another of the same or better quality. In the case of a replacement animal, the buyer must pay for shipping on the second animal. Also, I must be contacted within 24 hours of delivery, if there is an unfortunate loss due to delayed or extreme weather shipping. Proof must be provided of the DOA. Including, but not limited to: photographs, receipts, and shipping the animal back to me.
   Please make sure you've read up on as much information as you can find before you make your purchase. There are tons of caresheets online and books in stores with all the information you need to properly care for your new pet.
   Send me a copy of your receipt for purchase of a carebook and I'll take $5 off the price of your lizard. This offer is only good for the purchase of one lizard. Quantity purchases only receive one $5 discount. ( not valid on sale or OBO lizards )
   Also, make sure you have your enclosure set up before your new pet arrives. I recommend at least a 10 gallon tank for each animal up to 7 inches. And at least a 40 gallon tank for adult dragons and skinks. All the heat and light equipment should be in place to make sure your new lizard is nice and warm when they get there.
   These policies might sound harsh. But I have an unbeleivable amount of time and care in my pets, and want to make sure they are cared for properly once they arrive at their new homes.
    Hope you enjoy the site!
Trades: Female bearded dragon,female mali uromastyx, female yellow or blue spot timor monitor.